Welcome to schare.com/west. The home of Don & Sherry Schare.

Don & Sherry are the ones on the left.  
Julie and Gary -- who built this fabulous page -- are on the right.

Don & Sherry claim that they have no good photos to put up on their site.  But they did find one of Bon Bon (don't ask about the sweater ... we're not sure either) and we took some when they came to visit their grandson Jacob

This page is so hopelessly out of date, we hope anyone who visits will give
them constant grief until they learn to use FrontPage and update the site.


Bon Bon passed away this year.
Sherry wrote a very nice letter about her.


To bug Don & Sherry about adding some content to their site,
you can e-mail them at dschare@aol.com and sschare@aol.com.


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